Advantage Whitetails Inc.

How We Became Advantage Whitetails.

Our deer farm was inspired by a life-long interest in whitetail deer. Having hunted in Western, PA since the age of 12, being around deer was just something that became second nature.

"I always had an interest in raising 1 or 2 deer, just to see how it would go. When we started checking into the whole idea of whitetail deer farming, things just sort of took off for us."

"We visited many deer farms in PA as well as a few in Ohio and Indiana to get a better understanding of just what was needed to have a prime deer facility. In reality, we were able to modify the great ideas we saw to fit our own farm and its needs.

Finally in February of 2000 we began creating our pens and building our original barn. The first deer arrived here that fall. The following spring we began caring for and bottle feeding our first batch of fawns. Almost 5 years later, we have increased our herd to 60 deer and have built a handling facility adjacent to our barn which will enable us to care for the herd more efficiently.

All does on our farm have genetic backgrounds from proven bucks who have scored 225”+ and some even 300” or better. Our breeder bucks all score over 200”+.

We offer, to all our customers, the option of custom breeding; choosing any available doe to be bred by any of our breeder bucks. This is done on a first come first serve basis. Artificial insemination is also another avenue we offer at AWI. Semen from all of our breeder bucks is always available as well.

Our Story